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An XTDB node consists of a number of components.

For information on how to configure these and switch out implementations, see their reference documents:

Starting a node in process

Clojure Kotlin Java

To start a node in-process within the various drivers, see the following:

Configuring using YAML

Currently, all of the examples within the reference docs are in YAML. Config for the components is done at the top level of the file, i.e. you can specify the following keys, not nested under anything else: storage, txLog, modules.

Clojure Kotlin

Within the drivers, we offer the ability to provide and configure the node by passing the path to a YAML config file:

Using !Env

For certain keys, we allow the use of environment variables - typically, the keys where we allow this are things that may change location across environments. Generally, they are either "paths" or "strings".

When specifying a key, you can use the !Env tag to reference an environment variable. As an example:

storage: !Local

Any key that we allow the use of !Env will be documented as such.