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Temporal Types Cookbook

This document provides examples for constructing XTDB temporal types in CLojure, for use in XTQL queries and transactions.

See the Temporal Types documentation for more information.


#time/date "2023-03-15"

Timestamp [Without Time Zone]

#time/date-time "2023-03-15T12:00:00"

Timestamp [With Time Zone]

#time/zoned-date-time "2023-03-15T12:00:00+01:00"

Time [Without Time Zone]

#time/time "14:30:00"

Year-Month Interval

A Year-Month Interval specified in ISO8601 format.

#xt/interval-ym "P1Y2M"

Month-Day-Nanosecond Interval

A Day-Time Interval specified in ISO8601 format.

#xt/interval-mdn ["P1D" "PT2H30M10.111111S"]


A Duration specified in ISO8601 format

#time/duration "P20H3M11.1S"


A Period specified with two dates.

(period #time/date "1998-01-05" #time/date "1998-01-12")