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Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage can be used as a shared object-store for XTDB’s remote storage module.


The Azure Blob Storage module uses an Event Grid topic and Service Bus Topic to maintain a local copy of the file listings on Azure, saving on expensive/lengthy operations to list objects on Azure Blob Storage.

If not using the Resource Manager template, ensure that you have a similar setup to track file changes on whichever storage account/container you are using, and that XTDB has relevant permissions to use all of the services.


First, ensure the com.xtdb/xtdb-azure Maven dependency is added to your XTDB node.


Resource Manager template

We provide a parameterized 'Azure Resource Manager' stack to help set up everything that you need.

To use Azure Blob Storage as the object store, the following infrastructure is required:

  1. An Azure Storage Account.

    1. A Storage Account Container within the storage account.

  2. An EventGrid System Topic, subscribed to blob creation/deletion events on the container.

  3. A standard tier Service Bus Namespace

    1. A Service Bus Topic within the namespace.

  4. A Custom Role Definition, granting XTDB permission to:

    1. Use the created storage container (Get, Put, Delete and List)

    2. Read messages sent to EventGrid

    3. Create Subscriptions on the Service Bus Topic

  "permissions": [
      "actions": [
      "notActions": [],
      "dataActions": [
      "notDataActions": []


Authentication is done via the Azure SDK, which uses the DefaultAzureCredential. See the Azure Documentation for setup instructions.


To use the Azure module, include the following in your node configuration:

storage: !Remote
  objectStore: !Azure
    # -- required

    # The storage account which has the storage container
    # (Can be set as an !Env value)
    storageAccount: storage-account

    # The name of the blob storage container to be used as the object store
    # (Can be set as an !Env value)
    container: xtdb-container

    # The service bus namespace which contains the serviceBusTopicName
    # (Can be set as an !Env value)
    serviceBusNamespace: xtdb-service-bus

    # The name of the service bus topic which is collecting notifications from the container
    # (Can be set as an !Env value)
    serviceBusTopicName: xtdb-service-bus-topic

    # -- optional
    # A file path to prefix all of your files with
    # - for example, if "foo" is provided, all XTDB files will be located under a "foo" sub-directory
    # (Can be set as an !Env value)
    # prefix: my-xtdb-node

  localDiskCache: /var/cache/xtdb/object-store


Clojure Kotlin

For examples on how to enable/configure the Azure module as part of your node, for each client library, see the individual driver documentation: